Whitewater / Sea Kayak / Raft / Canoe Club

Welcome to the home page for the Desert Kayak and Canoe Club (DKCC).  This club is dedicated to those who love the water!

ATTENTION: The DKCC site is moving to Facebook. We have created a private site in Facebook for the Desert Kayak and Canoe Club. The URL is https://www.facebook.com/groups/DesertKayak/ If you don't have a Facebook account, it is easy to create one. Once you get to the page, just request to become a member and someone will quickly enable you as a member. Once you are a member, you can invite anyone else as well as authorize members.

Some advantages of Facebook are a site with support from a variety of platforms (PC's, Mac's and most mobile devices), ability for anyone to share pictures and plan and report on trips they've taken.

We hope you enjoy the new site.  All comments are welcome and encouraged.  Please send them to Debb Smathers (president), Ryan Yates (vice-president), Frank Smathers (Secretary Treasurer) or Kevin Piatt (retiring webmaster :-) ).